The Department of Women's and Gender Studies offers a feminist interdisciplinary course of study that expands the process of knowledge production to include.

Oakland university undergraduate students can now earn a minor in LGBTQ Studies. Coordinated by the Women and Gender Studies program, the minor combines historical, social science, interpersonal and.

What can you do with a WGST major or minor? With a background in women’s and minorities. and other forms of oppression, women’s studies graduates are well suited for entry-level positions in a wide.

Students interested in pursuing the Women's Study Interdisciplinary Minor should contact the Center for Women's Studies and Gender Research. Completion of.

The women’s and gender studies minor provides a critical framework to explore the significance of gender—as it intersects with racial, ethnic, religious, national, class, sexuality, and.

The two UM College of Literature, Science and the Arts seniors were instrumental in creating the minor, which recently was passed through the LSA’s executive committee. It will be offered to students.

The women's studies minor complements work in humanities, social science or natural science majors, focusing on questions of gender, sex, and power that.

Area/Department Website: Women’s Studies More Info: Loading. This interdisciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts provides students with an understanding of women in historical and.

Earn your Minor, Undergraduate Program in Women's and Gender Studies Minor from UCF's College of Arts and Humanities in Orlando, FL. Learn about.

Having a minor in gender studies helps professionals to become aware. politics, work, and leisure. Women’s Studies at MSU was renamed Gender Studies in 2016. The late First Lady Wilma Grote was.

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WS 222 – (WS-Soc) Introduction to Global Women's Studies 3.0. Only two courses from any one department can be taken towards the minor requirements.

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For the Women's Studies minor, students must complete 20 credits of Women's Studies courses with a grade of C- or better. Courses taken Pass/Fail may not be.

The Department of Gender and Women's Studies must approve a student's minor course plan. Students must register their minor with the Gender and Women's.

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Jan 16, 2019. The university offers a minor in Women's Studies. Goals of the minor include helping students reinterpret concepts of gender and gendered.

A minor in WGS prepares students to live and work in an increasingly diverse culture by encouraging students to become more reflective about their own lives and the lives of women and men worldwide.

The College of Arts and Sciences at N.C. Central University will introduce a new minor, Women and Gender Studies, in Fall 2016. The move makes NCCU the first historically black college and university.

Abby Wojcik is a student at Canisius College majoring in English and creative writing with a minor in women and gender studies. She is the Features Editor of The Griffin Newspaper and an Executive.

The Minor in Women's and Gender Studies, which is administered by the Program in Women, Gender and Social Justice, provides students with in-depth.

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The Women's Studies Department offers three minors (four starting in fall 2019) for undergraduates who are interested in feminist scholarship but whose primary.

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Only one course (no more than 3 credits) offered for the Minor may be taken for Pass/No Credit; no more than 6 credits may be taken for S/U grading. At least 15.

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As a pre-med WGST major, biology minor and aspiring OB-GYN. She is also the coordinator of the current campaign for a Women’s and Gender Studies Department.

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The minimum requirement for a major in women’s and gender studies is eight courses. Please see the current Course Catalog for the required distribution. No more than two of the five courses for the.

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The minor in women's studies adds a strong complement to many majors. This program helps prepare students for careers in education, law, health, public.

Contact the Faculty of Arts. Arts Student Services University of Regina Classroom Building, CL 411 3737 Wascana Parkway Regina, SK S4S 0A2 Phone: 306-585-4137

Minor Requirements for the Undergraduate Minor (For a Total of 16 Credit Hours):. The Women’s Studies Program at IUPUI provides undergraduate students the opportunity to pursue a sequence of courses the study of women and their changing roles in society.

The interdisciplinary minor in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies (WGS) introduces students to gender and sexuality scholarship in the natural sciences,

Shumway’s research explores sexism on Twitter and Facebook directed at women gubernatorial candidates. Media and Persuasion major with a multiplatform journalism emphasis and a Global Studies minor.

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Explore and analyze the social practices related to gender through the minor in women's studies.

Women's Studies Minor. ‹ Back to all Women's Studies degrees. Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary academic curriculum that exposes students to women's.

A major or minor in Women's Studies prepares students for a wide range of careers. Whether a student plans to be a lawyer, a journalist, a business executive,

Women’s studies transform disciplinary assumptions and theories, create innovative models for teaching and research, and develop practices for challenging systems of power and privilege. Students interested in pursuing the Women’s Study Interdisciplinary Minor should contact the Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Research. Completion of.

HIGH POINT, N.C., June 14, 2011 – In an effort to continue expanding the curriculum at High Point University, a new minor program – Women’s and Gender Studies – will be offered at the start of the.

For the women’s studies minor, students must complete 20 credits of women’s studies courses with a grade of C- or better. Courses taken pass/fail may not be used toward the minor. No more than eight credits used to satisfy the requirements for another major may be used for the women’s studies minor.

The minor in Women’s Studies requires 18 semester credit hours. law, politics, psychology, social work, and graduate studies. The Women’s Studies minor helps students recognize their opportunities in a rapidly changing society and flexibly complements any major.

Why do a Graduate Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies? The Graduate Minor in Gender and Women’s Studies provides advanced feminist training for students from a variety of academic backgrounds and.

If you answer YES to any of these questions, the Women’s and Gender Studies (WGS) minor may be for you! Our graduates have successful careers in law, business and academia, among others. If you plan to work with people of any gender and/or sexual identities, explore WGS!

This interdisciplinary program in the College of Liberal Arts provides students with an understanding of women in historical and contemporary contexts and an.

The Gender and Women’s Studies minor complements many majors, including Psychology, Sociology, English, Communication and Business Law. It also provides a background for various careers such as those in law, counseling and healthcare. The minor is beneficial for students who are pursuing advanced graduate degrees in assorted fields, which.

Launched by a symposium celebrating queer camaraderie, the new transcript-recognized minor in LGBTQ studies offered by the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies has both delighted students and.

Women’s Studies College of Arts & Sciences | Path:womens-studies | Kent State’s Women’s Studies Program offers flexible and diverse coursework that taps into the distinct scholarship across fields and disciplines known as Women’s Studies. The program also offers its own core courses: a wide and continually refreshed variety of Special Topics courses, the Colloquium in

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Dec. 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — The Center for Advancing Women in Technology (CAWIT. Beginning in Fall 2018, Cal Poly will pilot a Cross-Disciplinary Studies Minor (CDSM) in Bioinformatics to its.

A major or minor in women's studies prepares students for careers where the changing roles of women are having a perceptible impact. Women's studies.

LGBTQ studies offers a transcript-recognized minor and certificate for undergraduates and a LGBTQ/Sexualities track for graduate students working on the graduate portfolio program in women’s and.

A minor in Women’s & Gender Studies may be earned by successfully completing 18 semester hours, including: WGST 2100 – Women and Society: An Introduction to Women’s Studies; WGST 4100 – Feminist and Womanist Theories (taught in Spring only) Four additional 3-hour courses approved for Women’s & Gender Studies credit.