Temari felt slightly like an idiot, she was an excellent Shinobi if she do say so her shelve, but she got knocked out by a bloody bulk that fell from the roof. She could not believe she was that careless that sort of mistake could cost her her life.

archeavygunner said: That Young Gaara post broke my heart into a thousand pieces and ground it into dust. I hate you and your wonderful writing. It’s so good it gave me a pain in my heart like my.

May 22, 2015  · Naruto: The Secret Songs of the Ninja. The blonde girl nodded reluctantly. "Yeah. I’m Temari of Suna, the Kazekage’s daughter. And if you’re thinking of using me as a hostage against my father, I should let you know that he’s not known to be overly sentimental, even with family.". "The short version? An absolute success. Everyone got out.

Jul 07, 2015  · Gaara didn’t understand what she was so happy about, but Temari seemed satisfied with her work. “A silk handkerchief in your breast pocket would be good, hey. Silk also contains the antidote for poisons, but don’t take it out unless you need it.

Dec 01, 2013  · My job is to protect you two." And that’s when you know, if you ever get out of here, you’re taking Temari with you. You always kind of knew you would have to – she’s your sister, after all – but this clinches it. You’re not leaving her behind to take the fall for letting you escape. "There isn’t anything else, is there?" she asks.

Dec 15, 2006  · But now that he’s missing the Shukaku, I doubt he could really be on Deidara’s level. Not that Gaara is weak, but. I just don’t think he can match him. I think his is perfect to see just what Temari and Kankurou are capable of that got them to a Jounin rank. I believe it will be the three of them (Gaara, Temari and Kankurou) against Deidara.

Sep 16, 2009  · Best Answer: I Know What you Mean.Kishi has been in love with Sasuke for a long time and Regularly puts the Spotlight on SasuGay instead of the Main Character.The Manga Should be called Sasuke the way things have gone.Damn Kishi.Naruto has Trained Vigorously To achieve what he has Achieved and to.

Aug 19, 2007  · Baki gives orders to Kankuro and Temari to get Gaara out of the arena but Sasuke follows them. Kakashi,Gai, and all the other jounins fight off the sound ninjas and Kakashi tells Sakura to release the gen jutsu from Shikamaru and Naruto so they can follow Sasuke on an A-rank mission which will be there 2nd since the land of waves.

Second, the letter Gaara entrusted Temari with wAS FOR SHIKAMARU. That’s why she made the ‘you’ve gotten to understand some things’ comment because sHE KNEW HE KNEW SHIKAMARU WAS THERE, MY DAYS. Third, the comment Gaara made about ‘having to decieve a trust ally’ wAS ABOUT BAKI.

What others are saying Naruto this was your dream so now you’ll just have to deal. Or you could just ask Kakashi or Gaara for advice. Find images and videos about funny, lol and naruto shippuden on We Heart It – the app to get lost in what you love.

Defrosting the Ice Queen: Naruto and Iruka’s kindness mellows out Gaara, to the point that Temari is willing to help Gaara save them. De Program: Iruka’s program for former ROOT subjects/agents to bring them back to society. The Diaper Change: Minato thought it would be funny to delegate diaper duty to Danzo. Then Danzo handed Naruto to Kisame.

If Gaara figured out that the sailor had thought Lee was his pimp, Temari would not have the opportunity to kill him; Lee would die of embarrassment first. "We should get back to the palace," he said, proud he’d managed not to stutter too badly.

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It made us believe in Rock Lee and made us want Gaara to get his just desserts and root for his demise. Gaara vs. Rock Lee wasn’t just a fight, it was a story in itself, and I think that’s why it’ll never be forgotten. The story of this fight will be told for years and years to come and it’ll never grow stale.

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Temari always knew that whoever would end up with Kankuro would be just as much of a handful as he was. He sister wasn’t wrong; Kankuro’s S/O is a wild child. The sassy shinobi had been a known trouble-maker even in her youth in the village. She was often known to.