Lecture 1. – Introduction. Overview. Professor Dimock introduces the class to the works of Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and William Faulkner, the premiere writers of American modernism. Invoking the writings of critic Paul Fussell, she argues that all three writers are united by a preoccupation with World War I and the implications that the Great War has for irony in. Transcript, Audio, Low Bandwidth Video, High Bandwidth Video. mp3 · mov [100MB] · mov [ 500MB].

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2018-06-09T20:00:00-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/a46/20180609200631003_hd.jpgPrinceton University professor Julian Zelizer taught a class on the growth of.

2005-12-31T23:29:14-05:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/acf/189474-m.jpgGary Nash talked about slavery and his book The Unknown American Revolution: The Unruly Birth.

Listen to intelligent, thought-provoking, and vibrant theological audio from Regent College faculty and the global Christian community. Featured Audio Titles. The Birds and the Yeasts · Details / Buy.

Fulbright-hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad College Professors Without Degrees I have seen both professional and college athletics up close, first working for the Philadelphia 76ers in the mid-1980s, then as a sportswriter, and now as a professor of sports media and the director. NONFICTION: The entertaining true story of a modern-day charlatan who pretended to be a minister, an academic

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2018-04-28T19:59:52-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/c38/20180428201219003_hd.jpgUniversity of Central Florida professor Yanek Mieczkowski taught a class about.

Academic Achievement By State Confessions Of A Philosopher 27 Nov 2016. CONFESSIONS OF A LATE‐BLOOMING, “MISEDUCATED” PHILOSOPHER OF SCIENCE. with Leslie Marsh, “Philosopher of Precision and Soul: Introducing Walker Percy”; Elizabeth Corey, “Life on the Island”; Stacey E. Ake, In this infectiously exciting book, Bryan Magee tells the story of his own discovery of philosophy and not only makes

10 Jul 2011. This collection has been established to save whatever lectures are available from the University of California at Berkeley after their. History 7b Spring 2006 UC Berkeley (History 7B US History: from Civil War to Present). – -. Course details: IAS 180: US Foreign Policy after 9/11 – Spring 2006. This course. U.C. Berkeley Lectures. 7,929 7.9K. Phil 7 Existentialism in Literature and Film.

I recently gave a guest lecture in a colleague’s classroom on feminist theology. As usual, I had to spend half the class period in myth-busing mode, trying to redeem the word "feminist" enough for.

1990-10-30T12:59:33-05:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/fd4/015474-m.jpgPhilosopher Mortimer Adler talked about the history and significance of the Great Books of.

2018-12-29T19:59:47-05:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/fd3/20181229211244003_hd.jpgUniversity of Nevada, Las Vegas Professor Michael Green taught a class on Abraham.

University of London literature Professor Sarah Churchwell talked about her book, Behold America, which looks at the history of the phrases “America First” and “The American Dream.”.

2018-09-08T20:00:08-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/f92/20180908200726003_hd.jpgUniversity of Texas at Austin professor Madeline Hsu taught a class about the.

2010-12-11T20:00:49-05:00https://images.c. American history at Marymount University in Arlington, Virginia. In this class, he used visual aids as he lectured on the French and Indian War.

Thomas III taught a class on some of the lawsuits brought by enslaved people who sued for their freedom in the antebellum period. He outlined the different legal arguments they used and emphasized.

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This class is from a course called “Biblical Texts and American History.” Professor Douglas Thompson talked about religion and its impact on the relationship between slaves and their owners.

The National Collegiate Athletic Association announced Tuesday that the University of Notre Dame must vacate two years of football wins, including those from a season in which the team competed for a.

The University has canceled two undergraduate courses for the fall semester taught. according to an Austin American-Statesman report. Hutchison and graduate student Jenn Shapland confirmed.

Listen to audio only Download mp3. His primary focus in teaching and research has been Latin American history and politics, with emphasis on the roles of the. Janine Barchas is the Louann and Larry Temple Centennial Professor in English Literature at the University of Texas at Austin. She is. This lecture will comment on Brexit in relation to British priorities in shaping the modern Commonwealth.

2015-07-04T20:00:03-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/12f/20150704200419003_hd.jpgProfessor Benjamin Carp talks about some of the advantages and disadvantages for.

The New School professor Natalia Mehlman Petrzela taught a class about the history of health and physical education in the American school… read more The New School professor Natalia Mehlman.

Kenneth J. Park Professor Emeritus Faculty Profiles; Andrew Glassberg Associate Professor Emeritus. His primary area of research and teaching is urban politics and public policy. He is the author of Representation and Urban Community, a study of neighborhood government in London, and has been engaged for the last several years in research on how local governments deal with budgetary

2011-12-25T13:01:36-05:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/23c/302986-m.jpgHistory professor Thomas Zeiler used slides as he lectured a class at the University of.

Reading in the American Poetry Archive at San Fransisco State, Introduction by Kathleen Fraser, May 16, 1973. Complete video recording (57:04); Complete audio recording (55:36): MP3. Reading at Harvard University as part of the Morris Gray Lecture Series, October 16, 1985. Provided by: The Poets' Theater and Woodberry. Reading at Smith College, November 2, 2011. introduction (6:20): MP3.

College Professors Without Degrees I have seen both professional and college athletics up close, first working for the Philadelphia 76ers in the mid-1980s, then as a sportswriter, and now as a professor of sports media and the director. NONFICTION: The entertaining true story of a modern-day charlatan who pretended to be a minister, an academic and a worthy. As

24 Sep 2009. You might be teaching an online class or providing supplementary lecture material for students in one of your regular. The platform on which the audio file is listened could be an iPod (or another portable MP3 player or mobile. an extra thing to carry – which is a pain given the fact that may of us have bags that are already full to bursting. is Assistant Professor of Literature and the Director of [email protected], a Digital Humanities Center at Richard Stockton College.

2015-09-26T14:00:11-04:00https://images.c-span.org/Files/2d2/20150926140453003_hd.jpgProfessor Joan Waugh talked about the rise of baseball as a national activity.

Psychoanalysis Podcast Lectures. Older items. (MP3 format, 66:08, 61 MB. Download. (MP3 format, 54:12, 62 MB. Download. (MP3 format, 65:19, 75 MB. Download. (MP3 format, 51:04, 58 MB. Download. course as a whole. (MP3.

classes, lectures. Support: The Elaine Perilstein Fund; Audio recordings of Rabbi Artson's lectures from. from beyond our synagogue community provides us with great opportunities for infusions of energy and fresh perspectives. the rule of law can have anything to add to the classic statements on the subjects from writers and thinkers in Ancient Greece. It All?" (lecture audio is split between two files): Part 1 – 1 hour, 20 min. / MP3 file, 109MB Part 2 – 10.5 min. / MP3 file, 14MB.